Youth Self Defense

youth in a neck hold with another youth.

Benefits of our Youth Self Defense Program

  • Build Confidence
  • Become Bully Proof
  • Learn Truly Effective Techniques
  • Get Out of Bad Situations without Getting in Trouble for Fighting
  • Convenient to Short Pump, Glen Allen, and all of the West End of Richmond, VA

Our Youth Self Defense program provides fitness, agility and confidence, benefits similar to traditional martial arts, but is different in how it prepares children for more realistic situations using modern techniques to address them.

We start with the Youth Self Defense program to teach self-defense and bully-proofing to all children regardless of prior martial arts experience.

Similar to Mixed Martial Arts this program has taken what works from various styles, but starts with less dangerous techniques (no punching, kicking or choking) to teach children self-defense without injuring others and getting themselves in trouble. Once students have mastered the basic level techniques and have demonstrated good judgment and control, more advanced moves are taught to address more dangerous situations.

When students graduate from our Youth Self Defense program they will continue on with our other martial arts programs. They will have the choice of either Kickboxing or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and may switch from one to the other over time to find the one they enjoy most.

Our programs are taught by instructors who focus on getting the best for your child. They have years of practical experience in several different martial arts, teaching as well as competing, so they know what works in practice and not just in theory

Our Youth Self Defense program will ensure your child has fun, gains strength, demonstrates more confidence and respect, and best of all learns realistic self-defense he or she can use without getting in trouble for fighting.

  • Designed for children 8 - 14
    Children 14 and older may participate in adult classes
  • No testing fees or other hidden costs. We believe in being completely transparent about our price.